Monday, May 30, 2011

For Those Who Serve

Sine today is Memoirial Day I thought I would post this picture..   I did this for my nephew shortly after he was shot in Iraq when the war first began.     This was a kit by Jannlynn .  I did this and the Liberty Bell for him and he loved them.  Let's not forgwet the sacrifices of our Service People on this Memorial Day.

Have a Happy and safe Memorial Day.     Until next time Happy Stitching!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Fun start

I said my next piece would be a fun and funny piece.   It's called Gardener Penguin.  I'm doing it for a Character Animals Quilt being doing at Love Quilts.   Now that the head is in on the penguin I think the rest of the piece will go quickly.    

I think the sun is finally trying to sneak through the clouds.   I thought today was going to be a nicer day out than it was.   But the rest of the weekend is suppose to be great.  At least there was no rain today so those camping this weekend are having a good weekend.  Tomorrow our Sunday School Class is going to have their class outside to be different, so hopefully it won't rain, it's not suppose to.  

I haven't mentioned my cat , Whiskers in a while.   He's still doing really good for his old age.   He loves to get on my lap and curl up especially in the afternoons.  I love it as at 18 1/2 I really don't know how much longer I'll have him.

Today is my niece's husband birthday.   So if you read this , Michelle, say happy birthday to Scott.   They are camping for the weekend.   She was wondering how she would do sleeping on the ground in a tent being 34 weeks pregnant.  That will be interesting.   They live in CO.   They also have a 20 month old little boy.  They have already had him skiing which he loves, and canoeing which he tolerates.  He's following in his parents footsteps being an outdoor person. 

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finallty Finished

I finally finished this piece today.  Of all the Precious Moments pieces I've done this was the most boring and tedious.   It took me forever.   I can't wait to start my next piece tomorrow.  It is a funny piece and going to be fun to do.  It's a whimsical penguin.
    I am determined to start doing pieces from books I have here rather than buy new books this year.   I think I did buy a couple of new projects and did the one (The Birds and Flowers).  But now I don't even want to buy any for Love Quilts or to do as gifts, I'll chose from my stash.  
    I hope all of you that are in the areas of the storms are safe.  You are in my prayers.   My brother is getting delarious from all the storms, he could swear a cow went flying by his house and he wanted it to land in his yard so he could have steak.   Of course he was being funny.   He said all the years he's been in St. Louis area this is first year he's seen tornadoes, and none like this year.
    It's been a rainy few days here but we are north of the storm so we didn't get them just the rain.  Nuts, I love a thunderstorm at night.   It's been cool too, but tomorrow is suppose to  warm up and even hit 80's this Sunday.  It'll be a nice weekend.
   Well until next time Happy Stitching!

Friday, May 20, 2011

So Why am I Stitching This?

I knew those hearts would give me fits.   I knew there would be some improvising so why did I choose the most tedius and boring PM piece I've ever done.   Because it seemed perfect for the little girl.  Her story touched me.   That's not easy to do.  I think the rest of the way will be smooth sailing and I really think I'll have it done middle of next week.  I have my next 2 projects all picked out.  I'm getting anxious to start something new I've never had a PM take so long.
 I think our cooling spell is over (it lasted over a week), we are now enjoying some warmer weather   It may be rainy at times but oh well....I love good storms at night.

Tomorrow my sister will be in town for a few hours.  So we'll probably play our favorite games, Mexican Train Dominoes and Push Rummey.   I doubt we'll do any shopping.   She's basically on this side of the state to see her daughter and family so she's spending most of the time with them but tomorrow they had made plans not knowing she was coming so she's coming here.   After all when you promise your 3 year old daughter you are taking her to a dance recital you take her!   We think Addie will be in all her glory and be dancing the rest of day tomorrow.   She gets to take Dance Lessons in the fall as she's old enough now.

Well until next time....Happy Stitching!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Progress on Precious Moments piece.

I haven't had a lot of time to stitch this past week.  It's just been one of those weeks.  

Last Sat. I was doing my laundry at my brother's when we got a call saying my second dad, , died a few hours earlier.   He was in an accident with his wife Friday afternoon but it was a minor accident and so he went home.   That night he started bleeding in the head so he took him to the hospital where he died.   They are not sure if the accident caused his death or a pre existing condition.   He was 84 and had a bad heart.  .  His first wife Katherine, is the one I was close to.   She died of Alzheimres and a blood clot a few years ago.  Katherine and Bill became my second parents years and years ago when I was a young child and they were home on furlough from India.   After his current wife's first husband died I started praying Bill and Ruth would get together and they did.  For a few years Bill lived right across the parking lot from me, but after Bill and Ruth married, he moved to Ruth's house.   I saw him a few times after that.   The last time I saw hime was at the funeral of another long time friend.  He gave me the biggest hug he  had in years.    I wonder if he knew back then he would die so soon.   They say he had a preomonition so maybe, but like I said he was 84.   I have missed Katherine and will miss Bill.   I will always be greatful for the role they had in my life and for the  example they set to so many of us.

Because Bill's funeral was Wed. I didn't make it to our last BSF session this year.   It''s a sharing session anyway but is usually good.   Next fall we will be studying from the book of Acts.   That will be interesting.
Wonder if a lot of the history of the church will come with that.

Well.....until next time Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My "second dad"

I met Katherine and Bill in 1961.   I was a young girl and they were missionaries to India home on furlough.   We struck a great friendship that lasted  for many years.   They were my 2nd mom and dad.     Katherine and I were expecially close.   Katherine died in 2004 of Alzheimers and a blood clot.   Bill  lived across the parking lot from me so we kept that bound although had drifted apart.   The last time I saw Bill was at a funeral of another life long friend and he had given me the biggest hug.  One I hadn't had from him in years.  
Through all the years we knew Katherine and Bill they were great examples for us to follow.   Always putting the Lord first and they never quit serving the Lord.
I could go on and on so many good times, so many pranks, so much laughter.   I'm sure Katherine and Bill are sourounded by children  in heaven as they were on earth.   Katherine and Bill loved children but were never able to have any.   I also wonder if Bill is being allowed to pull some of his pranks up in heaven.   He loved to pull them on earth.   I'll always grin when I think of that mischievious grin he would get when he was about to pull a prank or successfully pulled one or his hearty laughter at things.   He will be missed.   But it's not Goodbye to Katherine and Bill or so many in Katherine's family but it's See you in heaven!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Precious Moments Start

Not sure why the shaddow happened, maybe the scanner is getting old.   Anyway this  is called "You Have Touched so many Hearts."   I had to do this for little Lola.   Her story really touched me and it was sort of sad how her parents had to leave the Mission Field because of her illness.   Hopefully she and they will be able to return some day.   It will be sort of a tedious and borning stitch but PM's are really cute.   I think I've done about 25 of them down through the years.   And I signed up for a PM Princess one to do after this one.

Busy day lies ahead.   A friend and I are going shopping for the Food Pantry.   We want to get some things that are hard to get from Feeding America and Love Inc.   At one time it looked like we had an overflowing pantry now it's emptying out and we have the money so there's no reason we can't build the stock back up.   We are amazed at how God has come through for us.  He seems to make sure we can replenish the food once we start getting really low.     Sue is really good at finding the good deals to make the money stretch even further.   Me?  I'm one who.  unfortunately grabs what catches my eye and worry about the price later.   I shouldn't be that way.  We akso have discovered evidence of unwanted guests in the pantry so we are going to get some tubs to put the sugar, flower, and anything else that draws those little critters to food in.

I went to the dentist yesterday, got my teeth cleaned and only have one cavity.  I was surprised the problem I'm having with my jaw is not a dental problem.  Here I convinced myself I had lock jaw, or at least a bad infection in my gums, but nope.   I also was blaming it on to the vertigo problem.   Oh well....I go to the ENT Monday and then Thurs. have an asthma check with my regular dr and say something about the jaw then I guess.   Man!   It's no fun to grow old.   My mom says I have arthritis in the jaw.   Well....why not, I have it in the shoulder, hip and ankle so why not shoulder too?

Later today I'll go to see my brother.   Actually do my washing there and spend time with their dog, Autumn.   Autumn is my special pal.  Makes my cat a little jealous but oh well..

Well....I better go until next time Happy Stitching!