Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Fun start

I said my next piece would be a fun and funny piece.   It's called Gardener Penguin.  I'm doing it for a Character Animals Quilt being doing at Love Quilts.   Now that the head is in on the penguin I think the rest of the piece will go quickly.    

I think the sun is finally trying to sneak through the clouds.   I thought today was going to be a nicer day out than it was.   But the rest of the weekend is suppose to be great.  At least there was no rain today so those camping this weekend are having a good weekend.  Tomorrow our Sunday School Class is going to have their class outside to be different, so hopefully it won't rain, it's not suppose to.  

I haven't mentioned my cat , Whiskers in a while.   He's still doing really good for his old age.   He loves to get on my lap and curl up especially in the afternoons.  I love it as at 18 1/2 I really don't know how much longer I'll have him.

Today is my niece's husband birthday.   So if you read this , Michelle, say happy birthday to Scott.   They are camping for the weekend.   She was wondering how she would do sleeping on the ground in a tent being 34 weeks pregnant.  That will be interesting.   They live in CO.   They also have a 20 month old little boy.  They have already had him skiing which he loves, and canoeing which he tolerates.  He's following in his parents footsteps being an outdoor person. 

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!


Pam Schaffner said...

Looks like a fun stitch!

TammyK said...

That does look like a fun stitch. Always love your charity quilt squares :)