Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My "second dad"

I met Katherine and Bill in 1961.   I was a young girl and they were missionaries to India home on furlough.   We struck a great friendship that lasted  for many years.   They were my 2nd mom and dad.     Katherine and I were expecially close.   Katherine died in 2004 of Alzheimers and a blood clot.   Bill  lived across the parking lot from me so we kept that bound although had drifted apart.   The last time I saw Bill was at a funeral of another life long friend and he had given me the biggest hug.  One I hadn't had from him in years.  
Through all the years we knew Katherine and Bill they were great examples for us to follow.   Always putting the Lord first and they never quit serving the Lord.
I could go on and on so many good times, so many pranks, so much laughter.   I'm sure Katherine and Bill are sourounded by children  in heaven as they were on earth.   Katherine and Bill loved children but were never able to have any.   I also wonder if Bill is being allowed to pull some of his pranks up in heaven.   He loved to pull them on earth.   I'll always grin when I think of that mischievious grin he would get when he was about to pull a prank or successfully pulled one or his hearty laughter at things.   He will be missed.   But it's not Goodbye to Katherine and Bill or so many in Katherine's family but it's See you in heaven!

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