Friday, May 06, 2011

Precious Moments Start

Not sure why the shaddow happened, maybe the scanner is getting old.   Anyway this  is called "You Have Touched so many Hearts."   I had to do this for little Lola.   Her story really touched me and it was sort of sad how her parents had to leave the Mission Field because of her illness.   Hopefully she and they will be able to return some day.   It will be sort of a tedious and borning stitch but PM's are really cute.   I think I've done about 25 of them down through the years.   And I signed up for a PM Princess one to do after this one.

Busy day lies ahead.   A friend and I are going shopping for the Food Pantry.   We want to get some things that are hard to get from Feeding America and Love Inc.   At one time it looked like we had an overflowing pantry now it's emptying out and we have the money so there's no reason we can't build the stock back up.   We are amazed at how God has come through for us.  He seems to make sure we can replenish the food once we start getting really low.     Sue is really good at finding the good deals to make the money stretch even further.   Me?  I'm one who.  unfortunately grabs what catches my eye and worry about the price later.   I shouldn't be that way.  We akso have discovered evidence of unwanted guests in the pantry so we are going to get some tubs to put the sugar, flower, and anything else that draws those little critters to food in.

I went to the dentist yesterday, got my teeth cleaned and only have one cavity.  I was surprised the problem I'm having with my jaw is not a dental problem.  Here I convinced myself I had lock jaw, or at least a bad infection in my gums, but nope.   I also was blaming it on to the vertigo problem.   Oh well....I go to the ENT Monday and then Thurs. have an asthma check with my regular dr and say something about the jaw then I guess.   Man!   It's no fun to grow old.   My mom says I have arthritis in the jaw.   Well....why not, I have it in the shoulder, hip and ankle so why not shoulder too?

Later today I'll go to see my brother.   Actually do my washing there and spend time with their dog, Autumn.   Autumn is my special pal.  Makes my cat a little jealous but oh well..

Well....I better go until next time Happy Stitching!

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Sarah Beth said...

I love precious moments too. I have that figurine. It is one of my favorites. I have a number of pattern books for PM. Which one did that one come from.