Wednesday, August 17, 2016

1,000 Hours of Stitching on America

Good Morning. Yesterday I reached a milestone on America, I stitched on it 1,000 hours! I started it Jan. 1, 2014 and hope to finish it in 2017 or early 2018. This is what I have done on page 14. See above post to see the top half of piece.

It's been a busy few days. Friday I got to see two nieces and their children. Michelle and her boys had just arrived back from a year in Sweden. (Her husband went on to CO to get their house ready plus he starts teaching again end of Aug. Michelle starts beginning of Sept.) It was a fun noisy day. My birthday was on Sunday so my sister was also at my nieces, and made me Coconut Cream Pie using our mom's recipe. It was sooooo good. I hadn't had it in years. I had posted on Face book I had 3 wishes, one was for my mom's coconut cream pie, 2) to go to Golden Corale on my birthday, & & 3 to have a cat or two adopted from the shelter. Friday was so much fun. It was nice to see the girls and kids again. The kids are growing. On Sunday I went to church and then my brother took me to Golden Corale. It was so good.

Sat. we did not get any cats adopted at the shelter but 7 of our cats and kittens that had been taken out to Petco got adopted. We were so thrilled at that. And since 3 of the cats were at the shelter first I count that as the wish coming true.

Monday my Sister in law came and got me and we went to Dutch Village with her two daughters. Six kids in all. Melissa has 4, ages 1, 6, 7, and 9. And Christina has two ages 1 and 2. Trice will be 3 in Oct. That was fun. The kids enjoyed the animals and rides. Little Trice kept saying in the car all the way there "We're going to see the animals." I think he had the most fun. He was fearless on the rides even loving the ferris wheel and another ride that kept go up, down, out in circles. I forgot the name of it. We were worried he'd freak out on that but he loved it, and he even knew he had to hold on to the rail and not the chains. Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut and had Pizza! We had planned to go back to the park but the 3 little ones were really tired. Isaac had fallen asleep, Trice and Ryker were too stubborn to give in and were getting cranky. Ryker fell asleep on ride home Christina and the boys will be going back to NC on Friday to rejoin her husband. This was an unplanned trip as Christina fell ill and since they had only moved to NC a few months ago they felt it best for her to see the doctors that had been treating the illness all along. It's an illness she'll have to deal with for life. She's doing much better now so will be returning to her husband.

Well....I'm going to go back to stitching. Until next time....Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Pages 7 &8 of America are finished

Good afternoon. The top half of America is now completely done so I uploaded it in two parts so you have an idea what the top half looks like. I now have close to 1,000 hours put into this piece. I am going to start page 14 tomorrow, which I am excited about as it has much more color in it. Right now I plan to lay this piece down the end of Aug. We'll see how far I am on page 14 and how it goes.

I'm getting anxious to see my niece, Michelle and her boys and hear about their year in Sweden. Michelle and her husband, Scott are college professors in Chemistry and it was their 7th year. Every 7 years they get to take a year off and do research anywhere they want. They chose Sweden as their best friends live there. Scott is not coming here, he's going back to CO to get their house ready and plus his classes start earlier than Michelle's so he'll be getting ready to get back into teaching.

Our church is having Bible School this week. I'm not working in it this year but on Friday will be working at the picnic for them. That will be fun.

Unfortunately I think my one Hydrangea plant is dead for the rest of season. Hope it blossoms again next spring. My other one is doing pretty good, and my Tomato Plants are doing great (as well as the others). I even picked a couple of tomatoes a couple of days ago, but fear I did it a little too soon. I'll make sure the rest of the tomatoes are ripe before I pick them, they are not nearly ready yet.

Until next time.....Happy Stitching!