Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Another finish

Hello! This time I have a finish that really didn't take that long to do. Maybe about 20 hours altogether. It was a fun, easy stitch. A nice break from what I had been doing, and very colorful. More color than I really like but this was a fast moving, fun piece so it didn't bother me much. This piece will go to the Sandy Hook project. Rather it will go to the school quilt or one of the teachers I don't know. Most of the squares I do for this project I'm letting the leaders choose where to put the squares except for the Music Speaks piece, that had to go to Ana. I was so touched by that video of her singing and her brother playing the piano. She was playing to, that it had to go to her family. Then I saw her parents on TV and I knew for sure then. I think I'm going to finish the Precious Moments airplane piece next and then do a couple of pieces for Love Quilts. They are needing boy graphs so I dug out some. Things are not looking good for my mom right now. It's a rollar coaster ride. She'll be okay one day and the next not. She was doing well this afternoon and my dad was getting ready to go with her to PT so they could see how he does transfering her etc. He said the morning went well even though she was weak yet and she did tire out. Then I guess she had a spell in PT in the afternoon and they ran an EKG and some other tests, put her back on oxygen and back on the heart monitor. Her EKG turned out abnormal which it always does. So we doubt she'll have PT tomorrow. My sister was coming in tomorrow but we are suppose to have another winter storm. She works 3rd shift tonight so she has to sleep in the morning or she could leave in morning and be okay. It's afternoon we're suppose to get hit hard and then it's suppose to move east in the afternoon and since she's coming from the east she'll be hitting the storm most of the way here. So she may come in Friday or wait until Tuesday to come. Well....not much else is happening. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Nicola said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. We are having a roller coaster ride with my MIL. Yesterday was a bad day for her so we are hoping today will be a better one. Hugs x

Mylene said...

A beautiful finish!
Sending prayers for your Mom, hope everythings works out fine.