Saturday, February 16, 2013

Update on PM Pilot

I stitched quite a bit on this this past week and am happy with the progress. It gets a little tedius at times, especially the plane as there is so much 225 in it but I take a break from it from time to time to do other parts of the piece, that's why it looks a little funny. Typical of PM pieces once I get the hair and face done the rest goes failry easy. I went up to see my mom today not sure what to think. She has been moved to a private room because her bladder infection is back again! We think they need to keep her on the antibiotic longer than what they are. She's also still confused and has a hard time swallowing. She chokes on her food so she doesn't want to eat. My fear is since they don't watch her eat if she chokes when she's eating and no family menmber is there, she may aspirate. She really eats very little. My sister thinks she's being stubborn I really don't know, if I choked every time I ate, I may not want to eat either. I do feel she's sort of mean and I don't like that. But so much of the way she's acting is not her, she'd be so embarassed if she knew what all she was saying. She always was short tempered with dad and I and dad, he just takes it rolls off his sleeve, me, I'll get after her. I sort of did that today when she got mean to dad. Even though we were never close it's hard to see her like this. We never fought or anything but we were never close. We always knew one of these days winter would gang up on us and collect for being so nice to us for one winter and half of the other. We've had so many storms in Feb. We can't wait until winter is over. Is it spring yet? Well....Until next time Happy Stitching!

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