Sunday, February 10, 2013

Back to PM Pilot

For now I have returned to the Precious Moments Pilot. There is a lot of 225 in the plane especially since I am revising the plane and not doing the words on it so it'll be all pink. Both Love Quilts and Sandy Hook Project are asking for pieces for boys so I went through my books and found some pieces. I am anxious to get going on a couple of pieces for Love Quilts. Love Quilts is my first priority and Sandy Hook Project comes second. Plus I have until Aug. on the Sandy Hook Projects. I figure if I do 7 or 8 projects for Sandy Hook Project I'll be doing good. We got hit hard by a winter storm Wed. night and Thursday and my sister drove through it from the other side of the state. She said it was nice until she hit Grand Rapids then the weather was terrible and sort of crawled between 35 and 40 miles per hour that's all the faster anyone left. She left yesterday and will be back on Tues. We are trying something new for the Food Pantry at church. Once a month someone from the food pantry will go up front and promote it then tell the people about drawing something from the basket and what ever is written on the card is what they are to bring. It may be 2 cans of spaghetti o's, etc. Oatmeal is just one. We are hoping that will keep the people involved in the food pantry. They come through big time when we have a drive but rest of year they tend to forget about us. Although someone recently gave us $1800 and then we got a grant for a local hospital, and smaller sums of money have come in. The money we save to use at Feeding America as we can get things so much cheaper from them. Our only problem is they only have certain things although this year I've noticed more items. That reminds me I have to put an order in to them tomorrow and it's a big order. Anyway we were really pleased with the amount of cards that people took now hopefully they'll bring the food in. We really need spaghetti o's and raviolli's really bad oh and pancake mixes, so we'll see. Well until next time.....Happy Stitching!

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