Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth Of July

Today being the 4th of July I felt like posting a Patriotic Piece. This Liberty Bell I stitched for my nephew, Jake, after he got shot in Kuwait, just prior to the war. You really can't see the material around the pillow but it was blue with white stars that really added to the piece. My sister-in-law made it into a pillow.

We had a wonderful surprise when we went out to Meijers the other day. My niece and her baby, Johnny, were out there shopping. Johnny is 18 months now and is so cute. He's getting so he knows us each time he sees us. Every time he passed us in the store he would wave Byee to us.

Next week (13-18) my sister and brother in law will be camping in our area so maybe we will get to see Addison some time. She is two months old now. Heather sent me some pictures the other day and is so cute.

I finally figured out how to add Feedjit to my site. I can finally see how many visitors and where they are from. It took me long enough to figure out what I was doing wrong all this time. The only problem is often I'll go to my blog roll to see their sites then back space to my site, and it records that too so it will look like I'm going to my blog a lot when I'm really using it as a jumpoff to get to other sites. I also added sitemeter but not sure I did that the way I wanted to. Time will tell

. I started Windsailing to go along side of The Brown Bears. This is progress on it after about 5 hours of stitching. It goes fast so won't take that long to go. This will go to Love Quilts, either for a Sea scene quilt or Sports quilt

Of course I have to include progress on The Brown Bear. Hopefully I will be done early next week.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and to those who leave comments. I really have appreciated them.

Well until next time Happy Stitching and Happy Fourth of July!


Janice said...

Love your Liberty Bell you stitched! Happy 4th to you also!

Mary Ann said...

Happy 4th of July to you, Barb!

The Liberty Bell you stitched for your nephew is very nice! And the little bears are looking cute!!

You might have figured this out on Feedjit already, but to keep from having your site show up--click options, then Ignore my Browser. I have to do that every so often--I think it has something to do with cookies?

Dawn B. said...

I just instaled this on my blog as well so the advicse is handy. Thanks. The liberty bell and WIP's look great

stitcherw said...

With your new one and Bears you made quite a bit of progress, they both look great. Your Liberty Bell finish is wonderful. What a great piece, and such a lovely tribute to his service. Have fun visiting with your sister and family.

Shelleen said...

Liberty bell is nice and the bears are cute.

Elaine said...

Liberty Bell is lovely Barb and those bears are looking great.


Rebecca said...

Those bears are ADORABLE!!!