Friday, April 27, 2012

Song Birds Update

Well...... I didn't get as much stitching done this week as I had planned but that's okay. I forgot how hard it was to stitch with a kitten around. They like to "help". LOL. But the last couple of days I did get some stitching in to see the progress. Hopefully it will be done early next week and I'll find something else to stitch then. Or may go back to the Wedding Bells.

Saturn has adjusted very nicely. He settled right down after the first 24 hours. He reminds me a lot of both of his predecessors. He likes to help me make my bed like Buffy did, he purrs a lot like Buffy did and gives hugs and kisses like she did Yet he will get on my lap like Whiskers did, and jumps like Whiskers did. He is definiately more people friendly then either Buffy or Whiskers. He likes to greet anyone who comes through the door and make them his friend where is Whiskers hid, and Buffy if she liked you she greeted you, if she didn't she attacked you or hid. I'll never forget when I lived in GR the city inspector came by for their annual inspection with the housemanager. I was at work....Buffy was alone. They went out on to the deck and Buffy would not let them come back in. They had to flag down another tenant from the building who was going to their car, throw him the keys and have him unlock my door to distract Buffy. The manager was laughing when she told me about it. She said the Inspector laughed so hard about it and had never had a cat do that before. He said I was safe anyway from burglers or anyone breaking in. He is a bigger eater than Whiskers was. We are getting along just fine. Like on Whiskers he lets me know when it's time to get off the computer, only he pushes me out of my chair, whereas Whiskers rubbed across my feet. Saturn seems to have a nicer personality, my family just loves him. He is about the size of Buffy and while Buffy was obviously a gray tiger, Saturn is orange and probly some tiger in him by some of his markings. Well enough on my 3 cats.

Tuesday Addie turns 4 years old. They are having a birthday party for her next Sat. At her request it is a pajama party. My mom and I are going, my dad passed. They also just got their new puppy last Saturday. Heather says Addie and Cheerio immediately became best friends. However, Cheerio seems to think 10 month old Nolan is a toy for him, so she has to watch them constantly or Cheerio is grabbing onto Nolan's shirt, or pants and trying to drag him off. Nolan is needless to say afraid of the puppy. Give him a couple of months, he'll fight back.

Well....until next time. Happy Stitching!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Barb

Your WIP is looking great.

It's lovely hearing about Buffy and Whiskers. I am so glad that Saturn is settling in well, he sounds a great liitle character already.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.