Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Song Birds are Finished

I finally finished this piece. Boy if it could talk, it would have a story to tell about all that went on while stitching it.

Today we celebrated my mom's birthday at my brothers. Their two daughters and 2 grandchildren were there. Johnny and Katelyn stole the show. They bought Johnny a Police Car to drive when he is at their house so he and Katelyn rode in that a while. Plus Johnny played 3 songs for us on what I forgot what you call the instrument. You put the music on it and then pluck the strings it tells you too. For only be 5 he did real well we could easily tell what the songs were.

Saturn and I are getting to know each other pretty well. He kicks me out of my chair when he wants it. He also likes to tear kleenix apart just like Buffy use to. He is bringing so many memories of her back. Yet he is cuddly like Whiskers, so he has the best traits of both those cats.

Finally it is starting to warm up again. Unfortunately the tulips in Holland MI bloomed way to early and now almost all gone and the tulip festival doesn't start until later this week. But it's great to be getting the warmer weather back and see the sun again.

Well until next time....Happy Stitching


Anonymous said...


What a lovely finish, the birds really stand out.

Sounds like you enjoyed the celebration.

Rita said...

Beautiful stitching!

We visited Holland, MI once years ago when we lived in MI. The flowers were beautiful even though they were a little past their prime when we were there.

Carol said...

Wonderful finish, Barb--the birds have great detail in them!

What a shame about the tulips blooming early...that will certainly affect a lot of people's plans...

Happy birthday to your mom :)

Anonymous said...

Very pretty finish. Birds are one of my favorite patterns to stitch.

~ Sue ~ said...

Barb - your song birds are wonderful! Congrats on yet another finish...Sue