Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Music Speaks is Finished

I woke up way to early this morning so finished this piece off. It was a fun piece to do and probably will be framed next year and given to one of our Pastor's for Pastor's appreciation in Oct. 2013. All 4 pastors and their wives are good in music.

Now I'm doing a Brown Pony for a little boy at Love Quilts who chose Farm Animals as theme of his quilt. I'm getting a lot more stitching time in now that things have quieted down a little. Things are almost too quiet.

This Wed. is our last BSF meeting until fall so our group is having it's final fellowship. I hate to see this year end, it was a good group of ladies I was with this year. I've been in it 3 years nows. It's actually a 7 year Bible Study, then you are a graduate, but they are adding
Revelations to the study in 2015 not sure what book they will take out.
Revelations will be real interesting since there are so many different interpretations of the book.

Last week our Food Pantry at church received two large gifts. One was a money gift from Dancing with the Stars (our city's version of it) and the other was from a Food Drive the US Postal Service had. That one really helped a lot and the money from the Dancing with the stars will help a lot.

Speaking of Dancing with the Stars anyone else watch it? I'm not sure who I want to win. All 3 couples are so good and all 3 deserve the win. I am sort of pulling for Petra and Don only because Petra hasn't won the trophy yet where as Mark and Cheryl both have. I'll be happy whoever wins.

Well since I'm basically kicked out of my chair (I'm sitting on the very edge) I'll go do some stitching. Until next time....Happy Stitching!


Carol said...

Your music piece is sure to be a hit with your Pastor, Barb--very pretty!!

I agree, no matter who wins Dancing With the Stars, it has been such a great season--what talent!

Anonymous said...


Your finish is just lovely!

I don't watch Dancing With The Stars!
Happy stitching!