Monday, February 01, 2010

More progress on Cowboy Dreams

I didn't get this finished today like I had hoped. Now it will probably be Thursday unless I'm really lucky and get it done tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday I won't be stitching at all and will some Thursday morning but not a whole lot. I'n giubg ti be naughty Wed. night and skip kids club because of family plans.
My sister is coming into town Wednesday so after BSF I'll go to my parents and spend rest of day there and Thursday will be there too except for the two hours I'm at the food pantry handing out food.
Today I went shopping for the Food pantry, didn't spend as much as I thought I had. We were getting low on some stuff. We've really been picking up business the last few weeks. Not just from Love Inc. but from the people in our church too.
It is a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining so bright. This winter really hasn't been a bad winter for us knock on wood. The south is getting it worse than what we are. Oh we have snow but not like last year and not like the south is. Our pastor is getting a thrill out of the fact his friends in VA got more snow than us so far this year. Don't know that's true but they are getting hit.
Friday was my great niece, Chelsea's first birthday. They poor baby was sick Sat. okay Sunday so they still had her party now her and her mommy are sick. I got to see the pictures on facebook my brother and nephew posted. Cute. Chelsea looked like she enjoyed her cake. It was first time she had ever had it.
Well.....until next time Happy Stitching..


Kim said...

Your wip is coming along nicely. As for snow in my area of Maine, we haven't really had a lot either, the last big storm was just a few days after Christmas and the temperatures have been pretty mild until this past weekend.

Shelley said...

That's awesome. I used to spend so much time doing these, but now my arthritis makes it urt too much.