Friday, September 09, 2011

Started all Over

I made a serious error on the original piece so I had to start this all over.  I was so mad!  But it was easier to start over than to frog it.   It's going good now.   A lot of what I had done on the first piece is done here only I took a little different approach for the right side as it's so much easier to work down then up.  I see the picture is a little crooked and I think I'll use my other scanner as it shows the piece clearer as the colors in this piece are so light.   It is a pretty piece.  I hope Bryan and Chrissy like it.

I have a dumb question   Can you make Meatloaf with eggs.   I ate my last two eggs this morning and I should have saved them for the meatloaf I had planned to make tonight.  I have to do something with the   hamburg I unthawed and I had wanted meat loaf.  

I won Last DMC Standing game at ESC a couple of weeks ago and received my package today.   A lot of floss!   It was nice.  I love that game but this was the first time I won it.

Well until next time Happy Stitching.   Have to figure out what I'm going to do with the Hamburg. 

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Meari said...

I'm sure it's too late re: the meatloaf, but yes you can make it without eggs. Eggs mostly bind the crackers and meat together.

Sorry to hear that you had to start all over. :( Those darn frogs!