Friday, September 16, 2011

Progress on Wedding Bells

Hello everyone!    Hope you had a great week.
I did get quite a bit done on Wedding Bells.   I'm glad I started it all over as it looks like it will come out right now.   I think I am going to take out Christiana's and Bryan's names and move it over a notch.   I didn't think I would have enough room to get booth their names on it but I had more room than I thought.  Do the letters B and C look alright.   I had to sort of wing it as I couldn't find those two letters anywhere in the book.   And of course they didn't have an alphabet guide.

It's been sort of a busy week.  I haven't been home much and today Whiskers is soaking up all the attention he can get.  I try to do something and he meows wants me to sit down  in the chair so he can get on my lap.   Right now he just jumped onto the computer desk and is rubbing me to get me off.  At almost 19 he pretty much gets what he wants.   He's been so good about letting me brush him lately.  It use to be he wouldn't let me and he got a few mats.   Slowly but surely they are coming out.

Earlier this week we went to Ludington State Park where my sister and brother in law were camping.   I can't believe the fall colors were really starting to show on our way up there and back.   It was a nice day cold but nice. 

I am going to be honest here.   I can't decide to keep blogging or not.  I enjoy it.   People do seem to read it but I get so few comments I'm thinking no one likes my pieces.   Only problem with that is if you will notice, the pieces I do always go to other people or to Love Quilts so I go with their tasttes and wants, not always what I would choose to do if I were stitching for myself.     I know I don't have a way with words like a lot of you do. Some of you are so gifted in writing.   I don't know, I'm just started to get discouraged.  The main thing is the receivers seem to like my pieces.

Our Food Pantry is growing in staff.   We now have 7 people working in it and another one started training today and another person may start training soon.   Plus a couple of people take me shopping and like being involved in the food pantry that way as they can't commit to one day a week.   We also like so many other food pantries are getting more people needing food and  having a hard time keeping the stock for it.   Fortunately next month we are having a food drive and the church usually comes through in a big way on them.  We've only had 2 other ones in the whole time we've been open which is about 4 years now.

Well.....until next time Happy Stitching and thanks for reading my blogs.


Kaisievic said...

Oh, don't give up blogging - I am sure that lots of people read your postings but don't always have the time to actually comment. Also, when I check blogs in my break at work, the settings on my work computer often don't let me comment, which is a real pain.

Your stitching is lovely and wedding bells is looking gorgeous - the C and B look really good to me. Clever of you to work out how to do them to match the other letters so perfectly.

I hope that you keep blogging,

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Eva said...

Don't give up on blogging! I read everything you post! I don't get many comments on my blog either.

Sally said...

Please don't give up on blogging. I enjoy reading your blog but don't always comment. It depends on what time I have.

Your wedding sampler is looking so pretty.

Pumpkin said...

This will be a nice piece Barb! I think the C and B look fine :o)

Blogging should be for you and no one else. As long as you're still enjoying it, do it!

Shelleen said...

Don't give up on blogging. I read hundreds of blogs and sometimes run out of steam for commenting. But I love to read them and get ideas.

The wedding piece looks great.

Tama said...

That is such a pretty project!
I love to read your blog - I'm just a very bad commenter XD

Meari said...

If you enjoy blogging, then don't give it up. I read all of your posts, but I don't comment on every one.