Sunday, September 04, 2011

Wedding Bells Started

Hello!   I hope everyone is having a good and safe Labor Day Weekend.   I can't believe the summer is over!   Usually I am looking forward to fall but not this year I so enjoyed the summer I hate to see it end.  Although I do like the fall colors and we can already see the trees starting to turn.  A large group from our church went up to Center Lake (our church camp) for Family Retreat.   Friday was nice but not sure about yesterday.   We had some big storms in our area then it cooled doown a lot and tomorrow is suppose to be cooler.   Hopefully the storms didn't hit them up there.   And as far as tomorrow, they probably won't swim anyway as they go home that day.

I promised my nephew and his wife a Wedding piece 3 years ago.   They were married in Feb. 09 and now have an 8 month old son so it's about time I got this done for them.   I started one for them three years ago but it just didn't take off, I kept making mistakes, didn't like the material I chose and the pattern just didn't click with me.   This is much different.  Though very detailed and tedious it is clicking with me and going okay.  But I love Stoney Creek patterns.  It isn't a large piece though so hopefully I can have it done by the end of the month get it to the framers and then hopefully give it to them at Christmas.   They live out of state and I'm hoping we'll see them at Christmas.   If not I'll give it to my sister and she can give it to them when she sees them.

Well until next time  Happy Stitching and have a Safe Weekend!

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Meari said...

You've got a nice start going on the wedding piece. Hope you had a good Labor Day.