Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lighthouse Finish

This was a real quick finish.   It's actually from a book called Lighthouse Sampler by By the Bay Needlework.   I did have a problem in that I didn't have a couple of colors and I misread one of the symbols by the time I discovered it I had too much done to take out plus I didn't have the correct colors.   I'm sure I'll do more from this book and the colors I was missing will be replaced by the time next spring or summer comes.  Living on the shores of Lake Michigan I love Lighthouses.   We use to go down to the Lake a lot and watch the lighthouse and go to the channel see the big boats come in.  Those days are over the big ships don't come through like they use to but smaller boats do.  

I had thought about doing another summer piece,  or doing the soccer piece.   But instead I have kitted up a Wedding piece I promised my nephew and his wife I would do for them.   They've been married 2 1/2 years now so about time I did one.   They also have the cutest baby boy who is almost 7 months.   I really need to start doing pieces for my family too.  The great nieces and nephews have very little if anything I've stitched.  Problem is I'm not big on baby or young child pieces and most are 3 or under!   All in time since there are 12 of the 16 that don't have anything stitched from me it will take time maybe by the time some get them they won't be so young.

I just heard I'm average as far as Americans drinking Pop go.   I drink about 4 cans of Pepsi a day which is average.   I need to cut down thouogh.

Well.....I hope everyone has a Good and Safe Labor Day Weekend.  Until next time Happy Stitching.


Carol said...

Love your little lighthouse finish--it's perfect for you living on the shores of Lake Michigan. We're headed up to Lake Ontario for the weekend where my sister has a house--can't wait. Happy Labor Day weekend to you, Barb!!

Meari said...

Your lighthouse piece turned out nice, Barb. Wow, 4 cans of pop a day is average? I *maybe* drink 4 cans of pop in 6 months. I'd much rather have water or tea.