Friday, August 12, 2011

Seashell is finished

I finally finished this earlier this afternoon.  I really wanted to do a seashell.  Why I don't know and I really don't know why I picked this one except it was in a book I hadn't stitched from and I'm wanting to stitch from books I haven't stitched from yet.   It's ridiculous over 1,000 books and only stitched from almost 300.  Although there may be books I stitched from I didn't record.

Tomorrow I will start a butterfly piece I'm doing for CSA.   We are doing a butterfly quilt for a teen age girl.  It looks like it will be quick.   I also received the material for the camping quilt we will be doing for a boy.   I am looking forward to that one.   The butterfly looks like it will be fun too.

This weekend Unity Festival is going on  down by the Lakeshore.  I went last year enough for the next 5 years.  It was good but soooooo many people.   This year Michael W Smith will be closing it tomorrow night.   I forgot who the other one was.  

I got my new Bible earlier this week.  I got New King James Study Bible and I like it.   My sister sent me a lot of  money for my birthday so that was the first thing I got.   My birthday is Sunday and oh no I'm hitting the big 60!  I remmber as a child that was so old.   In fact I remember Grandma Cooper who I just adored (she was not my real grandma but I called her grandma her family and I were so close.)   Anyway she seemed so frail and old when I first met her, and I think she was 59 or 60.  I don't feel frail and I don't feel old.   Although I got notice this week that my Disability will continue.  We sweated that one out.  

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!

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