Friday, August 19, 2011

Lots of Progress on Black Bear

I know I am speinding entirely too much time on this piece but I love doing it and it's hard to lay down something I enjoy so much.   Only problem is I don't see any eyes on this poor bear.   But the pattern doesn't call for them so he must have hidden eyes.

Earlier this week tragedy nearly struck at church.  A teen-age boy from a family our church just loves was hit by a hit and run driver while running with his cross country team.   They were crossing the business disstrict of the expressway had the green light and a driver from another state trying to get past the semi's and run the red light hit James.  Worse part is it happened right in front of his younger sister Abigail who also was running with the team.  Fortunately James thought enough while flying through the air to put his arms in front of his head so he would hurt his arms before head when he landed.  He was able to get back up.  A couple of teammates  flagged down a driver had her take him to the hospital while other team members took care of Abigail who was very shook up.   Why do drivers hit people and drive off as if it never happened.  One of the semi drivers did take off after the driver and came back with a partial license number unfortunately the hit and run driver was from another state.  Police told James parents they may not be able to track him down but did contact all Police posts between MI and the state the driver was from plus contatacted that state.  No way of knowing if he lives here or in the other state.   Fortunately James didn't have to have surgery and was hoping to be able to run with the team today if he felt up to it.  They had their first meet today.

Sunday is our annual church picnic down at Lake Michigan.  Hope it is a nice day.  I'm going to make Pizza Casserole.  That usually goes over big.    One of my friends  said she was making her Macaroni and Cheese, which is always a favorite.   This time I hope I get some.   We are having a Pig roast but I really don't like Pork.   I like barbeque spare ribs if they are tender and fall off the bone.   Speaking of spare ribs that's what I had Sunday when we went out for my birthday.  I loved the red skin potatoes.   The spare ribs tasted better the next day.  Funny how some foods are like that.   I made Spanish Rice last night and had some left overs today and it tasted better than it did last night.

I just noitice we can change the font size if we want.  LOL!   Last Sautrday my brother posted on my Face Book Wall:  "Friends of Barb....starting tomorrow you will need to use a larger font so she can see it.  As she will be at that age.  This has been a public service announcement from her much younger brother....Kenn"   He's only 3 years younger than me!   I felt like replaying and saying Kenn?  Kenn who?   I didn't know I had a brother Kenn.   But I was good I didn't.

Well...better close this book and do some more stitching....well read some blogs first.   Thank you for reading my blog.   I notice I get very few comments but people do keep coming back and that encourages me.   Until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Shari said...

I can see why you want to work on this one! It is adorable...
gosh, that is awful about the Hit & run....but praise God the boy is ok & doing well...

Dani - tkdchick said...

Why not keep working on a project you just love?

Wow what an awful thing to happen to James!!!