Friday, June 10, 2011

More Progress on Penguin

I haven't had a lot of time to stitch on this this past week but when I did I got a lot of progress.   I had really hoped to have it done by  now.   Maybe early next week.  

This past week I spent a lot of time with the Food Pantry.   Note to self  don't order from Feeding America, Love Inc. and go shopping for food all the same week.   There's a lot of food to be put away.   There's only certain things we can get from Love Inc and Feeding America so we go shopping at Walmarts and Dollar Store.  We find the best deals at those two places.  It's good I go shopping with Sue as she prevents me from buying the more expensive stuff she knows how to look for the deals.  (Sue is the newest member of the Pantry Staff).   Although we are adding more.   They want two of us on each day which we really were suppose to be doing all along, plus add some men for Security and helping to stock shelves etc.   I did put a dent in what we had in our fund this week.   Hopefully some of it will come back in a couple from our church is having the 50th anniversary and in leu of gifts they requested people give money to the Food Pantry. Nice....we'll see how much comes in.

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to another Jewelery Party.  The lady booked the party from me and my niece is the  one selling the jewelery so we felt we better go.   June is always a busy month.  There isn't a Saturday that we don't have something to go to this year.  

I had planned on doing laundry, mopping floors etc today.  But I'm so drained and it's so rainy and dreary outside I just feel like stitching!    Well until next time happy Stitching!


Sarah Beth said...

I love this one. The penguin is so cute. I like cutesy ones like that.I have been finding nice ones that are similar. where did you find this cute design?

Barb said...

Thank you. It was in More Sunflowers and Snickerdoodles by Leisure Arts published in 1996. I don't know if it's still in print or not.