Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday's Progress

I didn't get a lot of stitching time in this week but I did make some prgress.  It goes fast when I work on it.   This next week will be a little slower I think.

I can't believe this is already June!   It's true what they say, they older you get the faster time goes.   By theend of the month, my niece, Heather will have her 2nd child.   They chose not to know the sex.   It will be interesting to see how 3 year old Addie does.  For a while she was determined she was having a baby brother now she's decided she's having a baby sister so Lauren or Nolin  we'll see.  Her older sister, Michelle is expecting her second child in July.  They have a little boy who  is 20 months.  This second one is also a boy.

I keep wishing I had the gift of writing like some of you have or the gift of gab.   Your blogs are all so interesting  I love reading them and appreciate those who read mine.   I also see I have a couple of new followers, thank you.   I hope you enjoy my blog.

Hmmmm.   I just posted the blog and went to view blog it said Friday's Progress and underneath read more so I clicked on it and got it but wondered how that happened.   Is blogger changing things again or acting up again!?
Well until next time-Happy Stitching.


~ Sue ~ said...

It must be Blogger. I'm already following your Blog and it asked me if I want to follow it - again.

I love the names selected for the baby. And your stitching is wonderful, as always.

I know what you mean about time passing faster. I can't believe we are in June already; Christmas will be right around the corner.


Bernice said...

great piece you are stitching, Yes here it is June 3 and this morning I woke up to snow on the ground!!!!