Friday, October 28, 2011

Soccer Players

Once again it's been over 2 weeks since I've bloogged.  Truth is I almost lost my stitching mojo and for about a week just didn't even stitch.  I got so frustrated with that wedding piece I laid it down for a while.  Maybe after the first.   Blending filament is absolutely awful to stitch with.   I have the second bell almost done but just couldn't take it any longer.

   So I got this piece out to do for a girl at Love Quilts.   She likes the colors of lime and blue.   And also likes Soccer along with other things.   So I got this piece to do.  It is  going quickly.  It got me back into stitching.  I even have my next piece picked out.

   This past week our Landlords who live in another state and owe several Apartment Complexes decided to have all our hot water turned way down and would only have thenm turned up if everyone in each section would sign a waiver saying we would not sue if we got burned by hot water.   Totally ridiculous!  Our manager had all the water tanks turned down without telling us ahead.  Didn't even tell us we had to sign a waiver to get it turned back on until we called the office to complain!  We are so upset.  Long story short, all 4 of us in our unit did sign the waiver yesterday  I came right out and told them off and told them they should have warned us first and told us about signing the waiver ahead of time.  I never complain I have lived here a long time and never caused any trouble but I was angry.  I told them the least they could do is send out notes telling people about the waiver.  But they won't I know that.  I said I know you don't care about us and left.
Okay I spouted out they saw a side of me they never saw before.   I called today and apologized for my behavior they accepted it and told me I wasn't the only one upset. 

   My last post I mentioned I was going Apple Picking.   Well I went and it was fun.   We even got a hayride without the hay!   There was about 35 of us on that.   We were going to a couple's house for potluck dinner but there  were too many of us so we had the potluck at church.  It was so good  we had the best Barbeques.   I made my 7 layer bars  they liked those too.  I didn't take any home.  It was a beautiful day and it was fun.

     Monday we are having Trunk or Treat at church.  I'm doing the Apple Cider and donuts again.  Last year we didn't do it and people missed it so we are doing them again this year.   I'm looking forward to seeing the kids all dressed up. 

Well until next time Happy Stitching!

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Kaisievic said...

Good idea to switch stitching projects - that tricks your mojo back into gear! How annoying about your landlords and the hot water -they sound ridiculous. I think that you had every reason to be annoyed and to say so!

Have fun at your Halloween festivities,

Hugs, kaye xoxox