Friday, August 17, 2012

Some Progress on Splish Splash

Hello! How was your week this week? Mine was busy. I didn't get quite as much time to work on this past week. I've been gone almost all day this week and 3 evenings I was away. My poor cat hardly saw me at all and today he let me know it. He wanted my attention when he was awake and didn't let me stitch a lot. He kept trying to play with the threads and material.

My sister came to town Tuesday and stayed until Thurs. Tuesday was my birthday but it got lost in the day. In the morning my mom had her surgery. Then that afternoon my sister came in to town for our niece's bridal shower that night. Since she got in early afternoon she took me shoping for new shoes and a purse for the wedding. My sister insists I have to have brown purse if I'm going to have brown shoes. I can't take a black purse with brown shoes. I've asked around and verdict is I'm not buying black shoes to go with the black purse. Hey the shoes will match the outfit I wear to the wedding what more can they ask for. I am not a fashion queen and have no desires to be one.

Christina's shower was fun, my sister's 4 year old grand daughter came hoping to be able to play with another nieces 2 1/2 year old daughter, and 5 year old son, but they were camping with their other grandma so weren't at the shower. Once Addie got over her disappointment she was fine. She got to give Christina the shower gifts and pass out the prizes to the game winners. She seemed to have fun.

Wed. my sister and I stayed at our mom's and played Mexican Dominoes and Push Rummey with her. Then I went to a Premiere Jewlery Party my nieces was demonstrating and one of my friends house. Of course I ordered a necklace and bracelet.

Then last night a group of us from church went out for bagels. Well I just got a Pepsi. I mostly went because one of my friends from church doesn't get to do much and so I asked her if she wanted to go to this, and she did. She said she had a nice time. (She works 12 hour shifts 7 days a week, is mandated to for now but is on medical leave. Sometime in next two weeks she is hoping to get her gall bladder taken out.

Tomorrow we have our 2nd annual Pig Out at church. It's a community wide event where they have a contest who can make the best pork, they'll have 3 judges that are known in the community. Plus each class and ministry will have a booth set ut. Love Inc. will be there as well as Habitat for Humanity. I don't know if Pastor Nate got anyone to set up a Food Pantry Booth or not last year I did it but I took the summer off from the food pantry this year. I'll go back in Sept.

Also in Sept. BSF starts back up. I haven't heard from my new leader yet, hopefully next week. Also a friend got me into the Beth Moore Bible Studies. So I ordered 5 of her books. Two came last week and 3 came today. Some of us are going to do a Bible Study using her material.


TammyK said...

Your wip is too cute. Wish I could join your Beth Moore Bible Study. Sounds great.

Meari said...

The purse matching the shoes is probably similar to the man's belt matching his shoes. If I were going to a formal affair, I'd match my shoes and purse to the outfit if I were going to be carrying a purse.