Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Now we're moving along

Good Afternoon.
How is everyone doing today?

After having to frog two days of work over the weekend, I have restitched Minnie's head. And believe me I pouted for a little while when I had discovered the mistake and how much would have to be ripped out. But it was the kind of mistake I couldn't let go or even think about improvising. I knew I'd be happy I ripped it out in the long run, and I was right. Now I'm sailing along on the piece.
Next week we are having Bible School at our church. I'm helping out with crafts. I'm not very good at crafts, other than cross stitching and that may be a matter of opinion. Anyway, I was reassured that the crafts were easy. I told them I had the ability of a 4 or 5 year old in crafts, they told me I'd fit right in with the kids then. (LOL)

Our Bible Study group has been meeting ever other Sunday and the study we are doing now on Prayer is great. It really has challenged us and convicted us to take Prayer more seriously and to start the day off reading the Bible and praying. It really makes a difference. I have enjoyed this study, and learned so much more than I did from some of our other studies. In fact Saturday we are handing out brochures about Bible School and our Pig Out in two weeks, and this time I'm going to help. Usually I don't but this time I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. Also in the next two weeks they are having prayer for our church as right now we are really hurting and going through one of the rougher patches I have seen it go through in all the years I went there. (Since I was 4 or 5, but I was in GR for 25 years, but came off and on then.) Anyway I committed myself to two times, both on Wednesday, tomorrow and a week from tomorrow. We expect to see answers to our prayers and for Bible School and the Pig Out to be successes. Hopefully we'll have a new pastor this fall but we'll see. We've been without one for over a year now.

Oh I have a question for you dog people out there. My brother has a Llapo who is almost 11 and loved by our whole family. Anyway lately she's been wetting on the floor and leaving messes, even if we walk her, we'll get her back home and she messes sometime later, especially when my mom, brother, or nephew leave the house. Someone said this is typical of a llapso when they get older. Is this true, or is she just loosing control (which is what we think). If that is the case they may have to put her down. Which that is a decision my mom and brother will have to make.

Oh yesterday, I finally decided I was going to have to downsize my cable because man it was just getting too expensive and I couldn't affford that every month. So I called them, and well long story short. I get to keep HGTV after all plus they added a few channels and knocked over $60.00 off my bill a month for a year anyway. I'm very happy about that.

Well....until next time....Happy Stitching!

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TammyK said...

Mickey and Minnie are looking great. Sending prayers your way for the Bible school and pastor situation.