Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finally a finish

I finally finished Always Room for one more! Hopefully the picture won't download sideways like it did earlier! This will go to a special quilt we are doing at Cross Stitchers for Charity. It is a girl's Precious Moments quilt with the squares stitched on Peach Aida. I'm not sure Peach is the best color for PM's but that is what was chosen. I do not know why this is insisting on going sideways. I am so frustrated with this this morning it is not funny! You don't know how many attemepts I made on this. If someone can advise me please do on how not to have it go sideways please do. Hope you can at least see how it looks right like maybe if you look at it from the side or something. I am sorry about that. I know next time I'll take a sideways picture, and one upside down, and one the right way one of those is bound to work! Excuse my sarcasm. I desparately want to buy a new scanner mine quit working on my birthday last month! I have a new one with my printer but can't figure it out so am using my digital camera which until this morning has been great! Oh well....Tomorrows a better day right?
Yesterday I got busy and didn't get to finish this piece until this morning. I went to a Bible Study which was great. I really enjoy these ladies.
Tonight is our first night of Adventure Club at our church. It is a program we run every year Sept. -Apr. It's a busy and noisy night but I love working with the children. And the year goes so fast.
I am going to add a link to my Picturetrail album. Hope that is allowed. You can see this picture there in my Precious Moments album and you can see my other work there. I hope it's okay to do this. Its in members name type in Stitchingaunt


Barbara said...

Hi Barb. I've never had this problem. Do you save your picture (on your computer) right-side-up?

It's a nice finish and should be a pretty quilt when complete. :)

Mary Ann said...

Hi Barb, Your PM finish is very pretty, and will look great on the quilt.

I'm sorry, but I have no advice on the sideways picture posting. I hope you get it figured out, without too much more frustration.

Lelia said...

This is lovely. I don't use a scanner often - I rely on my digital camera. Those are easy to rotate & edit.

Barb said...

Thank you for your comments. In my defense I used the same picture to upload to my Picturetrail album and Cyberstitchers, and a couple of message boards. This is the only place the picture went crooked. So I have no idea what the problem here is. It uploaded fine at the other places. Sorry if it sounded mean, the wording sounds stronger than I mean to be I think.

Stitch or no stitch said...

A lovely finish!! Isn't it fun doing these squares for special quilts for kids. Also, for once you don't have to worry about the finishing process you will use - I always think that's nice.

Concetta said...

What a sweet finish! and how wonderful you're doing it for charity, too.

What photo software do you have installed on your computer? If you open up the picture with whatever software you have, there should be an option in there to edit/rotate the photo. Even if it's just "Paint" --> "Image" --> "Flip/Rotate". Then you can upload it right side up on blogger.