Sunday, September 24, 2006

Storms hit last night

A tornado in West Michigan is rare let alone in late Sept. But last night Grand Rapids area had a weak tornado do some damage. Fortunately no one was injured or killed. I lived in GR for almost 25 years and never saw one. And here where I live we don't have them as Lake Michigan pretty much protects us. They form on the Lake and fly over us and go east. While we don't get the tornadoes like someone who visted our area said you do get the winds and they are scary. We don't think anything of the winds usually as we are use to them. Just if it's windy and stormy stay inside! That's common sense!
Thanks to our inconsistent weather and it is fall I have caught a cold and my sinuses are plugged it was a long night. I haven't decided if I'm going to church or not later this morning. Right now I probably will. I love the colors of fall but my asthma and allergies do not like the fall season at all!
Why is it that you like very few TV programs and what few you like some are on at the same time different stations. Amazing Race-Extreme Home Makeover, NCIS-Dancing with the Stars. My sister suggested taping but my VCR isn't working and I haven't replaced it yet. This year my VCR, Microwave, Scanner, Phone, and Printer all quit working. The Microwave and Phone were replaced fast, the Printer has been replaced. There is a scanner on it but haven't figured it out. My brother is coming tomorrow to help me with it. I miss my other scanner!
Well I've said enough I'm going to go do some stitching for a couple of hours before leaving for church. Well I went to church. Lasted through the Sunday School hour than asked my dad to take me home. It was a situation where I knew by going I would either feel better or I would feel worse, so I gambled and felt worse. Oh well...I'm spending the rest of day in my pajamas and may even try to sleep a little. Have a good day everyone.


Barbara said...

We have high winds here in the (later) autumn, too. I remember trying to bike in such a storm once and actually going backward! That was weird! I hope your asthma and sinuses aren't too bad - I have the same problems. Blech.

Mary Ann said...

Barb, I hope you are feeling better!! And, your Boo finish is so cute!