Friday, February 01, 2008

Update on The Caretaker

First I want to thank you for your comments to my chocolate piece.
The Caretaker is moving along sort of slow right now. I think I'm going to have to frog a little at the bottom as I discovered I made a mistake. Hopefully not too much will have to come out. It'll be Monday before I really get back into stitching it seriously as between now and then I'll be gone a lot. Because of the business of the next 3 days, I'll just work on Winter Frost (which is appropriate for now), pick up The Caretaker on Monday.

My sister came into town yesterday. (The one "nice" day we had this week.) By saying nice, I mean at least you could drive without too many problems if you were careful. We've been hit by a few storms. The kids must be enjoying their No school days, but wait until they have to make them up in June, see how they enjoy them. Anyway we were lucky we didn't get hit by last night's storm, but areas south of us sure did. It is snowing some here, but not like other areas.

When my sister got to town yesterday, she took me to Sleep Doctor to get me a mattress, box spring and frame. Mine are 30 years old and is slanted a little so I really needed a new one. Her husband decided since I was the only one in our family outside of our parents who hadn't asked them for anything they should get me something I really need. Toss up between a new chair or mattress, my sister decided I needed the mattress more. So I picked a set out yesterday and it is coming today. They should call in about a half hour and let me know when they are coming. I hope it's early. I'm looking forward to crawling into bed tonight, not having to be careful or worry about the bed landing on my cat. I'm sure Whiskers will try the bed out first though. That salesman was so funny when he found out I had a cat he put on paper "Beware of Bobcat" I told him I was writing on it he was a 7 pounder but he said it was still going in his computer as a Bobcat! I hope he was joking!

After they come and set my bed up I'll take off to my parents house. We were going to go shopping today but the weather is not the best plus now I have to wait for my mattress to come, we'll probably just play games at my parents. My sister will clean their house this morning (something we planned to do tomorrow. Guess I got out of that LOL!) But I cleaned my own place this morning. I even have my laundry going.

Sunday I'm going to a birthday party for a cute little 1 year old at church. Usually you don't go all out for a first party. But the mother is from the Phillipines, and I wonder if it is custom in the Phillipines to have a 1st birthday. The baby is so cute though, outside of Johnny, he's my favorite baby. Of course Johnny is #1.

Well I've rambled enough. Have a safe warm weekend everyone. Until next time Happy Stitching.


Chiloe said...

That's great for your brand new bed !!! enjoy !!! Your sister is really nice.

Pumpkin said...

At least you caught the error now! Plug away at it. You'll have a good chunk done before you know it ;o)

A new mattress!!!! Good for you! We got one a few years ago and it made a world of difference :o) I hope you have a good night's sleep and happy dreams tonight!

stitcherw said...

Nice progress, it's really starting to take shape now.

Enjoy your new bed. I keep thinking I should try a new one (mine's almost 20 yrs old) but can't decide if it would really make a difference or not. It will be interesting to hear what you think of your sleep quality when you have your new one.

Johanna said...

The Caretaker is looking good - aww, bad luck on the frogging, but glad you noticed it now and not later. Keep up the good work!

Laura said...

Your Caretaker looks great. The detail is just amazing. Enjoy your new bed!