Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Progress on Knitting Kitten

Good Morning!
For some reason I haven't stitched too much lately, for some reason this piece isn't going as well or fast as I had hoped. So it is being laid down to do some Christmas stitching and in Feb. I'll pick it back up and hope it goes better. I want to finish up the America piece in January and Feb.
Okay I'm not happy! It use to be I could get the page with the blogs that had been recently updated. Now I can't. Blogger changed things and I don't like it. Can anyone tell me how to get to the page with recent updates. Now I have to go through my blog roll and hope I get some that were recently updated. It was the page that has updates on the blogs you follow. Also make a comment to let me know you can find my blog. I know I haven't been blogging as much this year but I still like to know people are reading it.
Just call me grace. Last Sat. I was at the cat shelter and tripped over a cat and slid. I caught myself before I landed on the floor but I did strain the muscles in my hip and knee. Painful was not the word, I couldn't walk without wincing in pain. Kate who was in charge that day took me to the Med center and stayed until my brother got there. They gave me a knee brace and crutches. The crutches are a no go....21 years ago when I broke my ankle I did fine on crutches, but not this time, so I got out my walker. Kate asked me to use my walker for now on at the shelter. Hope it doesn't scare the cats. The cat I tripped over is fine. Thank God. Thanks to IB Pulfrin the pain has subsided and icing the knee so the swelling goes down. At least I can move around easier now. It seems to get better each day.
My brother and I did go to our nieces in Rockford for Thanksgiving. There was so much food! We all took home left overs. It was a fun and noisy afternoon.
Well...until next time Happy Stitching! I'm going to look for some blgs to read. Glad I at least have the blog roll!

Friday, November 11, 2016

It's just a start

Good afternoon! I laid down the horse and now am doing Knittin' Kitten by Peagusus Originals. I love doing this and can't wait to see it come to life. This cat made me think of my own Saturn and of Atticus a FIV cat we had at the shelter, who was an active bundle of energy and would get into this kind of mischief. Atticus has since been adopted, but I miss him, he was one of my favorites, though I'm glad he has a home.

Did you get a lot of Trick or Treaters? They don't allow it here in the Apt. Complex I live in. They tried it one year and it didn't go to well. I miss seeing the kids in their costumes. Though I did get to see kids in costumes at the Cat Shelter when we had Open House and Bake Sale. Which was a success. We were happy with it.

Do you have Thanksgiving plans? Our church is having our annual Harvest Dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving. But on Thanksgiving my brother and I are going to our nieces in Rockford and meet up with another niece and her family and our sister and brother in law. I'm looking forward to it.

Well...until next time....Happy Stitching! And if I don't come back before Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving.