Friday, January 12, 2007

Here's Madison

Here's a picture of my brother's dog Madison. I just got to meet her today. She's such a sweetheart and has made herself right to home at my parents. She looks so much like a dog we use to have years ago. She needs a haircut and shave though.

.On the stitching front, Our Friendship is Soda-licious should be done tomorrow but maybe Sunday. I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow morning before leaving. My mom, and a couple of cousins and I are going out for lunch.

Well until next time, hopefully tomorrow but for sure Sunday. Happy Stitching!


Mary Ann said...

Madison is so cute, and she does look right at home in her new home.

stitcherw said...

Madison looks like a sweetie. Pets are so great, they make you feel so special, like you're the best person in the whole world.