Sunday, May 18, 2008

Zinnia's Progress

I love this piece. I think it is so pretty and love seeing it progress. It's going slower than I anticipated but it's okay. If I can have this finished early June I will be very happy. Then I'll be pretty much on target for finishing the other 4 pieces on time.

It's been quite a week. I took my cat to the Vet on Tues. It went much better than I thought. I bought a new carrier on Monday and it had a top opening. I let Whiskers play in and out of it Monday and part of Tuesday. Then Tuesday I got him into the carrier with no problem. He was such a good boy. He meowed when I carried him to the car and in the car but other than that he was really good. He got a clean bill of health. The Vet said he was very healthy for being 15 1/2.

Thursday I went to the Food Pantry and about had a stroke I was so upset. I knew someone was getting into the food a little had been disappearing each week, but between Sunday and Thursday, 5 cases of Vegetables, several boxes of Cereal, several cans of meat and several cans of fruit were gone. Oh they left most of the vegetables in the cupboards but did take corn and soup and fruit from them, and what was left of the meat and cereal. I ran upstairs and told our Secretary and Pastor I was close to tears to think someone would do that to us. Oh they left plenty of Green Beans and Chicken Noodle Soup! They obviously had children as they also took a lot of Macaroni and cheese and things like Speghetto's etc. So our Secretary put a list of our needs in the bulletin, and Pastor made an announcement from the pulpit to make sure they told me if they took food. Which they are suppose to do it with me there! Also we are moving the room out of the SS office to another room and putting it behind locked doors.

I was so upset Thursday I ordered some new patterns on line. Three of them are for my niece, and the others were to do for Love Quilts. So I was happy.

Sat. I went to a Missionary Dinner. The food was delicious and the speakers were great.
Well that's about it for now. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Ruth said...

I'm sorry about your church's food troubles. I don't knwo what to say but that I hoep everything works out for the best.

Try and console yourself with how bautiful your stitching is! The flowers are stunning!

Barbara said...

Someone has actually been stealing food from the food pantry? That's unthinkable!! Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm sure the congregation will raise extra supplies, but ... gosh, I'm really sorry.

Your flowers are stunning. You're really bringing beauty to the world!

Marita said...

Your stitching is lovely.

I'm so sorry about the food pantry, stealing from there is beyond low. :sad:

Jen said...

Your progress looks great. I love the colors. Also, glad to hear that your cat is doing well.

Elaine said...

Your wip is so pretty, can't wait to see more up-dates.
I;m sorry to hear that people have been stealing food , hope you get it all sorted out soon.


Cyndi said...

"I was so upset Thursday I ordered some new patterns on line." Now that's therapy! Sorry to hear about the thefts, though.

~Julie~ said...

Hello Barb. Your Zinnias are absolutely beautiful. Wonderful stitching.

As for the "food pantry incident", I am so very sorry. I will pray that the pantry is able to be restocked by the congregation. It is rather sad that someone felt needy enough to completely disregard the "Thou shalt not steal" part--for some food; all they had to do was ask, right? In any case, I truly am sorry and I pray it does not happen again.

Keep up the beautiful stitching on the Zinnias piece. I will be peeking for the next update. ;)