Friday, October 24, 2008

Stealing the Oats

I'm taking a break from The Caretaker to finish this piece and maybe do a small Halloween piece (if I find a cute small one). I should be done with this piece tomorrow morning sometime.
I did make a mistake though. I made the horse longer than what he should have been. I didn't see on the directions tht 2 stitches were repeated on the second page. Oh well....He still looks fine to me. I'm not sure what I'm doing with him yet anyway. You can see the kitten is just coming in. This piece is so cute.
Last Sunday night I got the shock of my life. I went to my mailbox at church and found an enveloped with my name marked "Food Pantry." It had a really nice note and I expected to find maybe $20 but I saw the first $100 bill and I was shocked and went to my dad and said "Dad they gave me $100 then I looked further there was several $100! Needless to say that money got turned over and now is in the bank for the Food Pantry. Plus so much food came in. I think we are going to go with Love Inc. now and let them send a couple of people a month to start and go from there. (Oh I need to call them don't I?)
An update on Whiskers here, He is doing fine. Monday was a rough day in that I couldn't get him to eat to take his med in the morning. Finally late that afternoon he ate and he's been good about taking his med ever since. I finally just said if he misses a pill I won't worry about it as he is doing well. He is almost to the end of his medication now.
Yesterday I went on a color tour with a group from church. There was quite a bit of color in spots but not quite to the peak yet. It still was a pretty trip. Then we ate a restaurant up in Grant. We went through a part of Hesperia which brought back a lot of memories for a couple of us. Mary grew up there and my grandparents lived there. We went close to the big hill they lived at the top of. Then went through some other small towns before reaching Grant. Nothing much changes up there which was nice.
Now we're all getting ready for Halloween. Trick or Treating isn't allowed in our Apt. Complex but our church is having Trunk or Treat so I'm going to be doing that only inside the church serving donuts and Apple Cider to any Trick or Treater that comes in. Trunk or Treat is where cars are lined up in the church parking lot and treats are handed out as the kids go to each car. We did it last year and the neighborhood loved it. The church had several people call and ask if we were doing it again. They finally had me put it on the sign.
Well, until next time Happy Stitching!


Tama said...

He looks really cute even if he is longer... hmm, maybe he's one of those special breeds (i forget the name) that have longer torsos than regular horses? They're pretty!

Anonymous said...

I think Stealing the Oats looks great so far. Glad whiskers is doing much better. I hate to give animals meds it can be hard at times. I know what Truck or Treat is! I think it is a great idea and even better when it is at the churches the kids always walk away with more than enough candy. It makes it nice when the weather is terrible outside. Have a great weekend.

Lori-Ann said...

I wouldn't have noticed the Horse is bigger until you mentioned. Looks good to me.

Glad kitty is getting better.

Trunk or treat... great alternative! :o)

Cindy F. said...

What a great idea! Trunk or treat:)
Your horse looks great and glad to hear your kitty is feeling better!