Friday, November 07, 2008

Update on Thankfulness

Well it is moving along. I can't wait to finish it. This one isn't going as well as Winter Silhouette went but it's still fun to stitch.

Our Indian Summer has left us now. It is back to realities of November. Yesterday was 70's today it might hit 50's. They are even using the S word for the weekend.

Where has this year gone? Already it's November. I did get some Christmas Shopping done on Wed. with my sister-in-law, Beth. Our parents and the three little ones (Ashton, Johnny and Addie) are all taken care of. Even got Johnny's birthday present.

We had Trunk or Treat last Friday. We are a fairly small church so only had about 12 cars but everyone seemed to enjoy it. I was inside doing the apple cider and donuts. It was interesting hearing some of the older kids say "We had Awanna or Adventure Club down here." Not a whole lot of people came inside but since I was basically alone there was enough. My niece, Tabbi brought Ashton and Kaylee, and Mackenzie down. Plus Ashton's dad's family all came down. I felt bad as it was a busy time for me so I didn't get to talk with them much.

Now it's time to think about Thanksgiving which our plans are made already. We're going to my brother, Kevin's house.

As far as The Caretaker goes, I did a little on it. But I may be laying it down now until Jan. Maybe I'll pick it up a little next week. I'm anxious to get some Christmas pieces going. There are 4 I would like to do this year. Usually I only do one or two.


Chiloe said...

I love your piece: the color you chose are the right one !!!

Ginnie said...

You have really made a lot of progress on Thankfulness. It's a lovely autumn colour.

Cindy F. said...

Ohhh,,,I really, really love this!
Great progress!

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

wow you have made great progress on this one.

Tama said...

Beautiful progress! so pretty!

Lennu said...

It's looking so pretty! Great progress :)

Meari said...

You're zipping right along! It looks great, Barb. Your kitty/pumpkin turned out cute.

I've tagged you. Check out my blog. :)

stitcherw said...

Thankfullness is looking so pretty, the floss color is lovely and perfect for it. Glad your Trunk or Treat went so well. Weather here was nice for Halloween as well, but we've had snow off and on all this weekend, ugh!!! I'm so not ready for winter.