Friday, November 13, 2009

Another new start

This one I will stick to the finish. I am enjoying it. It will be a Christmas Present for a friend who rally has gone through the storms this year. First her step sister died suddenly then she found out her own sister had cancer, then the dept. she had worked at at the phone company was eliminated so she had no job, and her mother died right at the same time. She loves flowers, music and birds and this piece has all 3 so I thought it would be fitting for her.
My sinuses started acting up a month ago and for a while I started to feel better than started feeling miserable again. Now I'm starting to feel better again and hope I stay that way. Once winter comes I'll feel better for sure
My mom is home from the Nursing Home now. She was just there for a couple of weeks until she started getting her strength back up a little.
For anyone around Muskegon, Michigan our church is having Christmas on the Lakeshore Dec. 3, 4, 12 & 13. A lot of work is going into it. It's going to be a production like Calvary use to do only on a smaller scale. I'm going to be one of the Greeters. My sister is making my costume for it.
Also the weekend of Dec. 3, Michelle and Nicholas are flying up from CO. Can't wait to see Nick. So we are having a get together Dec. 4. Also Amanda and her husband may be here sometime in early Dec. They were in England for 3 years as Amanda is in the Air Force. She is expecting their first child in April so she's in the reserves now.
Well that's about it for me. Thank you to everyone who reads my blogs. I appreciate it and love hearing the comments. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Chiloe said...

I'm sure your friend will love it. She really went through some touhg times ...

Hope you feel better soon.

Is Amanda your daughter?

LoriRay said...

Wow, your friend has sure had a rough spell. She will really appreciate what you are stitching for her. :)

Stay well and keep stitching!

Elaine said...

Sorry your friend has had such a rough time, I'm sure she will love your stitching piece.