Sunday, September 08, 2013

Back to Quoddy Lighthouse

Hello! I know it's been awhile since I've blogged. It's just been busy and to be honest I haven't even stitched that much let alone blog. I did finish a Jungle Lion which is in the sink soaking for a few days. I finished it yesterday but it had some bad stains on it. Most of them are out, but there's one though faded it's still obviously there. So maybe tomorrow it'll be clean enough to iron and post. I decided to go back to the Lighthouse. It's going easier than it was before I laid it down. I really enjoy these lighthouses even though they are a lot of work. Since my last post my dad has gone to a Hospice Home. He's holding his own, but it's day by day. He's lasted longer than anyone thought he would. We all thought when he decided he didn't want the meds that were keeping him alive anymore, that he would live maybe a week at the Hospice Center, but so far it's been about 3 weeks. It's a really nice home, they only have 14 patients and we're happy with the care. We had heard nothing but good things about this place so when told there was an opening there we were delighted. So I've been going to see my dad a lot. My brother and sister in law were here from MO a couple of weeks ago, and my sister was here. She will be back Tuesday. We had our annual pig out at church a couple of weeks ago. Though thrown together at the last minute it was a success. Then yesterday was the Kia Club Kick Off Carnival. While I didn't go to that, I heard that was much more successful than they expected. A lot of neighborhood kids came which was good, now to see if they come to Kia Club. I'm not working in it this year because of my balance problems. Well, until next time Happy Stitching Everyone. Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I can post the Lion Baby.

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