Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another new project

Good Morning! I know it's been a while since I posted but there hasn't been that much happening and no stitching has been finished. The lighthouse only had a few more stitches to go and I can't find that piece! Grrrr! All those hours and I lost the piece in the end! I hope I didn't throw it away by accident. So I got this fox out to do for Cross Stitch Addicts as it's due Nov. 1. I love doing it and it's about 3/4 done now. When this piece is done I'll look for another Lighthouse pattern, an easier one and get that in mail by Dec. 1. It looks like winter is getting closer and closer. My sister is in town for 3 days so yesterday she took my mom and I shopping and I got two new winter coats since I had to throw my other 2 winter coats away last year. I had them both for several years and the zipper gave out on the one and Saturn got sick on the other so that settled it. Sears had a good sell on their winter coats so I got a good deal. (Actually my brother paid for them for me he's sending my sister the money.) I finally broke down and turned the heat on here. I have one bad cold and decided the only way I'd get rid of it was turn on the heat. Dumb me, it took me forever to figure the new system out. At first I couldn't even get the heat to kick in so thought the furnace was broke. Last night I finally got it to kick in but the temp kept dropping. I read the instructions this morning and found out it was doing what it was suppose to do, drop at night and early morning, then warm up during the day. Helps to read the instructions. I'm glad I didn't call the office! Well....until next time Happy Stitching!


Simply Victoria said...

Your fox is cute. Hope you find the lighthouse. It was looking so pretty.

Carol said...

Your little fox is so sweet! Yes, winter is on its way--only 35 degrees here today... Brrr!!! Hope your cold gets better very soon!