Monday, August 18, 2014

Sea Horse and Shells is finished

Good eveneing! I finished this piece early this morning. But I left not long afterwards and didn't get home until a little while ago.

My niece and her husband and 3 children are in town for a couple of days. They live in VA. It was the first time in 4 years they came for a visit and may be another 4 years before they come again. Their 3 children were more then ready to get out of the car when they got here and were pretty wound up all that energy. I can't imagine traveling with three small children like that and expecting a 4th one. Scott is 4, Connor is 3, and Emma just turned 2. But they were so sweet. I can't wait to see them tomorrow. They are going to Wisconsin from here to see his family. Since his parents are also divorced they'll only spend a couple of days with each parent too. They only have a week's vacation. I suggested they fly next year but that would be way to expensive for a family of 6. So they said we'll have to visit them the next few years. Don't all parents of small children feel that way when traveling. Their 4th child will be a girl due in Jan. but since all 3 of her children were born early Amanda figures a Christmas baby. I told her to check herself into the hospital a month early so she's at the hospital when the baby is born. Emma was born on he highway on way to hospital delivered by Amanda herself as Luke was calling for help. He went to help her and found her holding the baby! I'm not kidding she came that quickly.

I have barely started a turtle from Stoney Creek's Woodland babies for a surprise baby quilt we are doing. I can't wait to get it going. Well...until next time.....Happy Stitching.


Mary Ann said...

A lovely finish!!

Brigitte said...

This project is looking beautiful.