Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Barnyard Kitten Start

Good Evening. I laid down the flowers for a week or two to get this piece going. One of the workers at Faithful2Felines asked me to do a cat piece to sell at the Open House we are having next month. So I thought I better lay down the flowers and do this so she has time to frame it.

This weekend is Unity weekend here in our town. It's a Christan Music Festival that goes from Wed.-Sat. and brings in thousands of people. While I like Christian Contemporary Music I hate crowds and loud music so I tend to stay away from it. I did go one year and it was fine. It draws huge crowds to our city.

My sister is coming in Friday for the weekend. So it'll be a busy weekend. I love it when she comes and hate it when she leaves.

We are having Bible School this week at our church. I worked at it Monday but they had more workers then kids. That's not good, so I decided they didn't need me. It was so unorganized Monday at first. We were told to be there at noon and Bible School would run from 12:30 to 3:30. The people doing the Bible School didn't show up until 12:45. At first we thought we'd have to wing it and then call CEF to see what happened. They thought it was 1. Either way they should have been there earlier, giving us some direction as to what they were expecting. Oh well.... the kids seemed to have fun and learn so that's the main thing.

Well, not much is happening right now so until next time....Happy Stitching!


Linda said...

Cute start Barb.


Heather said...

Nice start :)