Friday, March 18, 2016

More Progress on A Loving Heart

Good evening!
I have been stitching on this piece. I think I will have to do some frogging though as the two sides are not coming out even. I'm hoping it's an easy fix. I really like this piece so if I have to frog some to make it right then I will. There is a facebook group planning to do quilts for the Kalamazoo shooting victims and I'm thinking this piece will be perfect for one of the women.

Today I took my cat to the Vet. He got a clean bill of health. He was so sweet at the Vet's. He was making her pet him the whole time he was there even when giving him the shots (Rabies and FIV) and when clipping his nails. The Vet did tell me to watch his diet as he is over weight. He weighed 17 lbs. He's not a big eater but I was feeding him 2/3 cup cat food and she said to cut it down to a half cup. He doesn't like canned cat food or human food or like any treats so the dry food is all he eats. So that part is good. She said I could try diet cat food but some cats don't do well with it so she only recommends it if cutting down food doesn't work. Think I'll try to get him more active too. He sleeps most of the time like most cats.

One of these days I will finish off the Amazing Grace piece, that is so huge. A lady from our church gave it to me to finish because her eye sight got so bad. She gave me a bunch of other started projects and projects she wanted to do but couldn't. Well today she died. So I think I should get it out and finish it in her honor. Her stitching is so much better then mine, I discovered on Friends are the flowers....piece so that just discouraged me. Plus someone on line in a group I'm in told me my stitching wasn't what it use to be and asked me not to stitch for the group any more. So I just took myself out of the group. I will still stitch for Love Quilts though and a Quilts for Older Children and Adults. Although I haven't lately as I've mostly been stitching for family and will for a while.
Well...until next time.....Happy Stitching!


Heather said...

That's terrible! Who has the right to say another persons stitching isn't good enough for them?! Good for you for leaving! I think your stitching is beautiful I hope you find the mistake soon and don't have to frog too much :). Good luck at finishing her project I'm sure it'll look wonderful :)

Justine said...

I'm shocked too that someone would say something like that to you! It's your hobby and they should have been grateful you were a member of their group. You made the right decision to leave.

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

the nerve of some people to say your stitching isn't good enough for their group should keep her mouth shut. I love your stitching, I took a closer look and it looks fantastic to me. People who throw stones shouldn't live in glass houses.
Glad your cat is doing really good. I am sending you a great big hug and you never mind what some minded people say, they don't know anything. You have a really great weekend and I would be proud to have you stitch me something any time. BIG BIG HUGS Lynda Ruth

Sasha said...

That's so rude of someone to say! Holy cow, I can't even imaging saying something like that to someone.
I love the lace look of this project you pictured. Great job!
I, too, am stitching something in honor of someone, and I hope it is a great tribute to their memory.
Keep up your fabulous stitching, and pay no mind to those who would bring you down. There are more of us around to lift you back up, and we outnumber them! Phooey on them!

Rachel Tomkins said...

I agree with the others. If you were stitching a piece to be professionally exhibited by a designer for example I could understand their comment, but not when stitching is your hobby and you joined a group for friendship. I think you have created some really delicate and beautiful pieces. So what if your stitching isn't perfect under a microscope? Neither is mine! Keep your chin up and keep stitching! :)

Carol said...

I feel so bad that someone said that to you, Barb! Your stitching looks great to me!

Glad your kitty is doing well :)