Saturday, July 07, 2018

Our Flag was still there

Good evening. I said I was just doing small pieces for a while and this is another one. I wanted to do something Patriotic and dug this out. I think this is one of the designs that came out right after 9-11 about 9-11.

My niece is home now and seems to be doing well. Monday she gets her hemoglobin checked again just to be sure. She is so creative, she loves to sew and she made herself some colostomy bags to put over the bag itself.

How was everyone's fouth mine was quiet. I had the chance to go to a pool party but it was so hot that day I passed on it. I stayed inside with my air conditioner.

Well.....until next time....Happy stitching!


butterfly said...

What a great stitch ,enjoy your week.

Cathy said...

Nice stitching! Congratulations on the finish!

Faith... said...

Nice piece!