Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Finally a finish!

It took close to two months to finish this but it is finished. Between problems with my eyes and the headaches this small piece took a while. I'm hoping Cardinal and Dogwood goes faster. Looks like it will be easier the print is bigger and not as much back stitching.

August 14 was my birthday. My niece took me out for breakfast and then I spent the day with her and her 4 children. It really was nice. Since my brother totaled his car and won't be getting a new one soon she has taken us grocery shopping a couple of times. Which is nice. Also Tim's son has helped us out.

We've had a lot of hot days this summer and the streak continues. Although it is suppose to cool down Thur and Fri then get hot again. I'll take this over winter though. Why do summers go so fast and winters go so slow?

August was a slower month for the cat shelter which we knew that, but we still adopted out 6 cats and I don't know how many kittens were adopted from Petco or us. I think they said there were 24 adoptions. We were happy as we've had more adoptions so far this year then we had all last year put together. Last weekend I think we broke records for us. I was a "Doubting Thomas" thinking "It's Labor Day Weekend no cats or kittens will get adopted." Boy was I wrong! Five cats adopted from the shelter plus 2 put on hold and at least 10 kittens adopted from Petco. WOW! Of course last week we took in a mom and 4 kittens, then a mom with 8 kittens (which floored us. When the lady down the hall from me told me about them, she thought there were only 4) But when Mel went to pick them up from Marlene's brother's there were 8. Then later in week another mom and 4 kittens came in. It's kitten season! We had some new volunteers come in from another agency who told them they were no longer needed because they had paid staff so they came to us last year. That Shelters lost was our gain, they really got things moving for us knew how to market us, brought in the Shelter Manager and really were able to promote us more then we had been able to in the past.

BSF starts next Wed. I can't wait. This year's study will be Children of the Promise Land (I think is title of it) Part 1, Judges-Song of Solomon I think they said, that's a lot of books. Some may contain more then others will though. Probably next year will be Part 2 Lamentations-Malachi). Since we did New Testament 3 years in a row I imangine we'll do Old Testament 2 years in row anyway.

Well, I'm going to read a few blogs and start my new project. Until next time Happy Stitching!


butterfly said...

Lovely Stitching Barb, looks so pretty .

I always enlarge my charts to make it easy to read .

Hope you had a lovely Birthday .

Yes why do summers past far to quick.

Astrids dragon said...

Yay, it looks great! I hope you've been able to start your next one with no trouble.
Happy Belated Birthday, it sounds like you had a nice day.
One of our boys was going to adopt a kitten, but found out a roommate has allergies, bummer!

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