Friday, March 02, 2007

A Picture of Whiskers

I thought I would post a picture of Whiskers. He was being so cute just prior to this picture then he caught me! He likes to lay by the furnace at night time. It's funny he's got a routine, he is like clockwork. Mornings and early afternoon he's right in my sight, rather on my lap, or on the arm or back of the chair I stitch in, or at my feet. Then he goes to the closet, jumps on a shelf and sleeps in there a few hours, then at night, he's in the bedroom a few hours, then he goes by the furnace. Oh he goes to the window and tries to catch the snow and believe me this past month or so there's been plenty. In this weather I haven't seen much of my family. Since I don't drive they have to pick me up, and that's hard for them since they live on opposite side of town as me. I feel bad about that. Spring is coming.

We had another winterstorm yesterday and today was almost worse than yesterday. After tomorrow it's suppose to get better. At least we aren't getting the tornadoes they are in the south. For the second month in a row our Board Meetings were cancelled at church. We are going to have a lot of catching up to do next month!

Jenn sent me a really nice Cherished Teddy Book for me to do for my quilt squares. Thank you so much Jenn. I sent you an e mail but thought I would do it publicly too. Sorry I didn't do it publicly yesterday.

On the stitching front I am making very slow progress on My Security Blanket. It is coming though. I also am doing an easier piece to stitch on the side.

I don't know if I fell off the wagon or not. I ordered 3 leaflets featuring the Britter Pets earlier this week and I got them today. I thought I would use them for quilt squares which will be allowed in. So far though a quilt has been named featuring them either at Cross Stitch Addicts, Love Quilts, or Cross Stitching for Charity, but I do expect one to open up we keep talking about it.

Well....I've chatted enough. Until next time Happy Stitching!


Jenn said...

I think it was a week for falling off the wagon as I did too. Just move on and know your useing the patterns for the quilt squares and I think that that could count as one of your acceptions.

Stitchingnow said...

I've fallen off the wagon too so don't fell bad. I love the kitty he is too cute.
Happy stitching

stitcherw said...

Whiskers is very cute, and looks like he is having fun. Which Britty pets ones did you get? Those are so cute. I got the Britty Kitty Stocking as part of my stash this past weekend.

Pumpkin said...

What a cute kitty :o)

I would say you haven't fallen off the wagon yet Barb. Those charts could fall in the Charity/Donations exception ;o)