Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Fell Of the Wagon

I was feeling frustrated and down yesterday so ordered some patterns. Three were for charity but then I ordered the Spring and Summer Snapperlands. I had the Autumn and Winter ones. Now to find time to do them. So I changed my side roll to Finished Pieces in 2007. Also I am going to start over but go for 25 instead of 50. I made it to 21 this time so should be able to make it to 25 we'll see. Is it okay if I do that?

This piece is moving really fast. I am doing it for a baby at Love Quilts. Her parents chose Christian as theme and wanted verses with healing in them if possible. I thought this would be appropriate. It is so cute and I love working on it. I half expect it to be done tomorrow.

I love our weather. It is suppose to be close to 70 today if not reach 70. I have the windows all open to air it out after being shut up all winter.

Well...until next time Happy Stitching!


Barbara said...

Hey Barb, I'm sorry to hear you were feeling down. Of course it's okay to treat yourself to a little gift - you give of yourself so much, to so many.

I hope you're feeling brighter today and that you'll enjoy a wonderful weekend.

Margaret said...

This is so pretty Barb and will make such a wonderful block for the quilt.
Good for you - treating yourself when you felt down. You do so much wonderful stitching for others you certainly deserve a gift for yourself.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and feeling much better. Glad to hear the weather is co-operating.

stitcherw said...

I think you should give yourself a pat on the back for making it to 21, that's a lot better than I could do. Of course treating yourself is fine, especially as you do so many for charity you're really treating others as well.

Your new one is looking very cute. I'm sure they'll love the saying and the cute little bunny.

Lauren said...

21 is a lot farther than I got, too! I mean, look at how many you do for others - you're certainly allowed to treat yourself! I hope you're feeling much better today - just think of all the kids' lives you've brightened with your stitching!

Mary Ann said...

I hope you are feeling better, Barb. And, I think treating yourself was just the thing to do. Nice choices, by the way!

And the quilt square is looking great!!

Pumpkin said...

You have been one busy beaver Barb! I love bunnies :o)

Oh dear! I know what you mean and I think I may fall off the wagon as well :o( You were doing really well! You can use the Charity/Donation clause for two of the patterns. Now just to figure out how we can explain the Snapplerlands ;o)