Monday, May 21, 2007

31 Years ago Today

I graduated from Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music. Man it doesn't seem possilbe! I remember it like yesterday. There were 5 of us in our house that were graduating and our families were all coming in the campus was filled with activity and we Seniors were getting ready for our big night. Man the great memories of those years. I still have contact with a few of my friends from those days but a very few.
I really have a problem getting clear pictures with this camera I'm going to have to have my brother work with me or get a scanner. Try to figure out his scanner and then get the same brand myself I guess. Does anyone know how I can get rid of the shadows. I even tried going outside to take pictures and that was a disaster!

This is my progress of my Sea Otters as of this afternoon I really am excited about this piece and enjoy doing it. Thank you for all your comments so far.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!


Mary Ann said...

Great progress on Sea Otters--it's looking nice!

Heidi said...

Your making good progress on this. And those otters are so cute!

Pumpkin said...

Great progress Barb!

Do I dare ask how old you are???? ;o)

Stitchingnow said...

Great progress on this one..He is cute.