Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Scanner

I got my new scanner hooked up yesterday and really like it. Only it is a little strange in that you have to unplug it instead of just being able to turn it off. So it's a little bit of a pain to unplug and plug back in whenever I want to use it. But oh well.....It seems to work good. A little slow when posting but that's okay.

I'm a little ticked off. I called the office here this morning and told them I had a leak under my sink and cleaned up the flood. The receptionist couldn't hang up fast enough. Fine, except maitenance still has not come in. If they don't come by noon tomorrow I'll recall and make sure Kelly got the message right. I just am not using the sink much and when I do I do wipe the water up, but basically I am using the bathroom sink. For dishes I just filled a big bowl with water washed and rinsed them in that and dumped water out in bathroom sink. A real pain. Since you have to make 2 trips one for wash and one for rinse. I'm not letting the dishes accumulate. But I'm not one to anyway.

Tomorrow night my youngest niece, Christina graduates from High School. It's a small graduating class maybe about 22 kids. They have nice graduations. Saturday is her Open House. Can't believe all but one of my nieces and nephews have graduated now. Andrew is in 6th grade he's a lot younger than the others. The kids grew up so fast!

This particular piece is only after 10 hours of stitching. It's Hide N Seek by Bob Harrison. The kitten will come in probably Sunday before I reach it.

Well until next time Happy Stitching!


Lauren said...

Oh, I absolutely love this one so far! The flowers are beautiful!

I hope your sink gets fixed soon! I can't imagine it's very comfy to wash your dishes in the bathroom sink.

And congratulations to your niece!

Mary Ann said...

Hide N Seek is going to be beautiful!!

Congratulations to your niece and I hope your sink is fixed very soon.

Barbara said...

I hope your niece had a happy graduation ceremony. Your new project looks great - you stitch so fast!

stitcherw said...

Nice start, the colors are beautiful. Hope you get your sink fixed soon, that is such a pain when drains don't work correctly.

Stitchingnow said...

Wow, sure hope they come and fix the sink soon. The flowers are great BTW.

Pumpkin said...

I love the beginning :o) Can't wait to see more of it Barb!

Johanna said...

This is looking so pretty already - look forward to seeing more, I enjoy seeign the varied designs you choose!