Friday, August 08, 2008

An AOY Start

Thank you to everyone that has read my blog and to those who have left comments. Thank you so much they have meant a lot to me. It really surprises me how many have read my blog and how many have left comments. I'm humbled by it. I love to read other blogs and leave comments and I think oh their's is so much better than mine.
There are some great blogs out there. And I love seeing everyone's works. I tend to read blogs that show their work more then just written blogs. I also like seeing pictures of the families. I don't show many as my family has requested I don't. Addison's parents in particular would have words with me if I got caught showing pictures of her online. They don't trust the internet and I respect that. Johnny's parents are okay with an occassional picture of him.

I started this earlier this week and this is progress after 18 hours of stitching. So far it's an enjoyable stitch and going quite well. It's Me and My Dog by Faye Whitaker (All Our Yesterdays). They are so cute. I got this book and 3 others for a total of $12.99 through Crafters Club. I found pieces to do for Love Quilts in all 4 books so I don't have to start over on the challenge.

Tonight the Olympics begins! I can't wait. I know the ceremonies are just starting now in China but we won't get them until tonight. I'll be watching them. I can't wait for the swimming and diving and gymnastic events.

This weekend is Unity Festival. I usually stay away from it as it's quite loud but a lot of people enjoy it. It's a Festival of all Contemporary Christian Music. Some of the bands are too jazzy for me though. It's always the 2nd weekend of Aug. I guess.

It's beem a beautiful few days around here an occasional storm or two but not bad. Yesterday water spout were discovered over the Lake. Water spouts look like tornadoes and in the immediate area do some damage but fortunately no boaters, or swimmers were injured and no boats or other propery was damaged yesterday.

Well, until next time Happy Stitching!


Lori-Ann said...

It's good to have a certain regard for safty on the internet, and I think it's terrific that you respect the parent's wishes. I can tell you are just itchin to show off your cute little relatives.

Great start to your latest project.

I saw some of the Olypic Opening at noon today! Our National News team aired it. It was probably close to midnight in Bejing. Looking forward to seeing ALL of it tonight. Hope you enjoy it... what I saw was spectacular!!

Shelleen said...

I also know people who don't like pics on the internet and I always respect that as well.
There was a water spout today at the lake about an hour from me. looks like a tornado.
I don't watch the olympics, just because of to much talking and not enough showing the action and they go from one event to another and then back an forth. I like watching the whole thing and I do prefer winter olympics over the summer. Enjoy it!

Connie B said...

Hey, I enjoy your blog without pics!! I don't add family pics to mine either. I work in law enforcement and it's just too scary how people can steal your identity, and I just don't want to help them out, LOL. I am working 1/2 a shift tonight OT and totally forgot to tape the opening ceremonies!!!! GRRRR! Keep up the great stitching!

Kim said...

I always enjoy a visit to your blog and I thing it is always best to respect the parents wishes.

Great start on your new project, looking forward to seeing more.

Water Spout? I had never heard of that before, I think I will have to go google it and learn more...See you can learn alot just reading blogs. LOL!

patternnuts said...

It's funny for me, at times I want to just see pics of what people are working on, other times I just want to hear the more day-to-day things.....
I don't post pics of the kids either, and until recently, hadn't had any of me either!
Very nice progress. I have stacks of AOY charts, and no clue if/when I will do any of them. Lol, if we only had more hours in a day!

~Julie~ said...

Aww!! "Me and My Dog" is adorable, Barb!! I can't wait to see more progress pictures! =)


Meari said...

Weren't the opening ceremonies awesome??! And watching Michael Phelps win his first gold was heart stopping :)

stitcherw said...

Great start. I didn't know the pattern till you said what it was, but as soon as I saw it I thought it was an AOY piece, the style is distinctive. Your earlier finish of Stitching Mends the Soul looked fantastic. The colors really popped, even the white. What color fabric did you use? Hopeully you're feeling totally better now than you were in your earlier post.

Elaine said...

Loved catching up on your blog Barb. Your windsurfer and stitching piece are both great. Look forward to more up-dates on your AOY.
I;m really enjoying the Olympics and I can;t wait until the Athletics begin.

Rachel S said...

the AOY is looking great. Can't wait to see your progress.

Vivian said...

Wonderful x-stitch! I've done enough to respect the time and care it takes to make it flat. Your colour choices are great.
Thanks for nominating my blog for an award ... it may be a while befor I take it further.