Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Update on Big Bear Band

I picked this back up last week and probably will be done with it tomorrow or Friday for sure. It's a cute piece but been a hard one for me to get into I don't know why. But I will finish it off now.
I think Spring is finally coming to stay. I think winter had it's last Horrah for this year anyway. We lucked out of the snow storms and just got a little snow but it was cold. Now each day is suppose to warm up. I know this is short but not much is happening to write about right now. Untill next time....Happy Stitching!


Lori-Ann said...

I'm glad winter is done too... but a bit more snow to melt here.

Your bear band is so cute. Finish up! ;o)

Maren said...

Very cute! Isn't it funny how even the cute and simple patterns can sometimes be almost impossible to get into the mood to stitch? Sometimes the overwhelming urge to just get it the heck off the WIP pile is almost as industrious as outright enthusiasm.