Friday, September 04, 2009

Finally A Post

Where have I been.'s been a very busy summer. Plus for a long time I couldn't stitch because of my hand which is much much better now. Then I just got busy with summer activities. Which I haven't figured out when summer was a cool summer. Great for me but not so good for those who wanted it warmer.
Then my computer got struck by viruses and trojan horses and I couldn't use it for a while. If I did get to a computer it was at my brother's or my dad's. So after a month and now I doubt I will make it to 100 posts this year like I had wanted I am finally back. Now to catch up on everyone else's blogs.
This piece is boring to do but almost done now. It is the 9 Planets (yes, Pluto is there although since has been discarded as a planet.) It will go to a young boy at Love Quilts who chose In Space as theme of his quilt.
There is a lot happening at church coming up with special meetings and the lanch of our kids clubs. It use to be Adventure Club but because we are using different material this year. We're using material from New Tribes Mission we will be changing the name of the club.
I hope everyone has a great Labor Day Weekend. I hope to finish this piece up. Until next time Happy Stitching!


TammyK said...

Ohhhh, what a lovely choice for a space themed quilt. It's coming along nicely :o)

stitcherw said...

Glad your hand is doing better, and your planets piece is looking great. What a fun addition for a space quilt.

Vivian said...

Your x-stitch pieces are lovely. Yesterday I visited a radio signal observatory in Penticton, BC. It was fascinating ... a great way to get children interested in science.
Thanks for the comment on my 'secret garden' photos.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.