Friday, September 25, 2009

A New Start

Man! I've been ignoring the blogs lately. Time just gets away from me. I am trying to stay away from the farm games except when I have to check the crops and now I'm trying to get it so it's once a day maybe twice, I'm spending way too much time at them. Also this game Marble Lines is too adedicting. That reminds me I haven't checked my email today. Okay enough of that.
This piece is going to a child at Love Quilts who chose Under the Sea as theme of her quilt. The mermaid is well underway. The fish, octopus, starfish and under water plants have to go in yet. The caption will say You-re a Keeper. I thought it was cute and so far is going well.
This coming up week is going to be really busy too as we have special Family Meetings at church with Tim and Susan Vermaas. They have been at our church 3 or 4 times now. Susan is a vantriliquist and Tim does the Bible lesson. They seem to click with our church and do a good job. I'm going to be a counsellor this time which will be my first time doing that.
Also my sister is coming in on Wed. After I go to Bible Study we'll head to Jo Ann's as I need to get a pattern for the dress I'm wearing in our Christmas program this year. They are putting on an elaborate program and those in the program and the greeters have to wear dresses from the early 1900's. My sister is making the dress for me and my sister-in-law said she would look through her hats. Yea, we have to wear hats too. My problem is I hate the hat they have with the dress I like best. The hat I like best I hate the dress so I'm hoping we can make that hat match the dress. We shall see.
Right now my sister is in CO getting aquainted with baby Nick he is 2 weeks old now. She plans to fly out there once every 3 or 4 months to see them.
Well my cat has discovered I'm at the computer. He doesn't like me there and will be in front of the screen in a minute. Yep here he is. Until next time happy Stitching!

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