Monday, March 29, 2010

Pictures of baby Nicholas

My sister is out west visiting her daughter-son-in-law and Nicholas right now. My niece posted these 3 pictures and I grabbed them. Nicholas looks like he is pinching my sister. My niece says that is his way of showing love. I love that picture of the two of them. Who Nicholas looks like is unknown. My niece and her husband claim there was a baby swap. LOL I doubt that. I think he has his Grandpa K's face shape and his mommy's big eyes, and I see some of his dad in him too. He just looks like Nicholas!
Our weather is starting to warm up! I think we are done with winter! I hung my winter coat up I hope for the last time. It's suppose to be 60's tomorrow and hit 70 later this week.
I have made some progress on the giraffes. I've had to improvise on the second giraffe as I made a couple of mistakes and refuse to take him out. Too much will have to be ripped out. So improvising I am.
Well....until next time Happy stitching.

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Mylene said...

Cute pictures!