Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Progress on Lighthouse 2

I have stitched quite a bit on this the last few days. I do have a small problem though. In the morning I have a little helper and attention getter and he is shredding the poor pattern! I guess he wants my attention and doesn't want me to stitch!

I am looking forward to the Olympics starting Friday night. I love the swimming, gymnastics and some track and field events. I like horsejumping too. I'm thinking about signing up to get them on my computer only problem is I haven't figured out how to get sound on the computer but I can at least see them when I want. I'm not sure how much coverage NBC will have.

Tomorrow we are suppose to get showers and thunderstorms. We need the rain.

Well...until next time happy stitching!

1 comment:

Sarah Beth said...

It looks lovely. Really nice job. My cat does this too. She will sit on the pattern so I can't stitch.